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A Librarians perspective

The best habit a child can inculcate early in life is that of reading as it is well said that reading is to mind is what exercise is to body. Books play a significant role in the life of every individual. Its a magical world full of creativity. Books fuel up a reader’s imagination and make people adaptive to new ideas. Reading, therefore, is vital to a child’s development not just academically but in daily life. I have been serving as a librarian for over 22 years at DAV, Ballabhgarh. I have seen journey of numerous students when they first visit library in 1st grade to their graduation from school. It has been my personal observation that students who inculcate good reading practices early on tend to be more creative, have great leadership qualities and are more empathetic.

As technology is advancing at a rapid pace with children having access to it at an early stage, there has been a decline in attention span. I see parents struggling with reducing their children’s screen time. I suggest that introducing books such as picture books, short stories, folklore, poetry would be a good idea.


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